About The Parish Council

Hartwith cum Winsley Parish Council incorporates the villages of Summerbridge and Low Laithe and the hamlets of Smelthouses, Hartwith and Winsley.

The Parish Council has 7 members elected every 4 years:

 The Chair for the year 2021/22 is Cllr Tom Watson 

 Vice Chair is Nick Milnes

 Clerk to the Parish Tracey Dawson

 Councillor Treasurer Barry Thornton

 Councillor Roger Titchmarsh

 Councillor Howard Benn

 Councillor Joy Stanton

 There is currently one vacancy*

Harrogate Borough Councillor                     Tom Watson
North Yorkshire County Councillor             Michael Harrison 

The Council meets each month, except for August, in the School Room of Summerbridge Methodist Church. The meetings begin at 7.00p.m. and normally last for 2 hours, depending on the amount of business. They are usually on the third Tuesday of the month.    

Parish residents are welcome at the Parish Council meetings, with details of agendas etc posted on the parish notice boards and the Parish website.


*Following the elections in May 2018 a vacancy exists on the Parish Council. Residents of the Parish interested in applying for this vacancy should send a brief resume of their experience and views on how they feel they could support the Parish Council to the Parish Clerk, where more information can be given if required:  T. Dawson, Parish Clerk. E-mail: clerkhartwithpc@gmail.com