Summerbridge millstone
Summerbridge millstone



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Parish News

Speeding concerns in Low Laithe
The Parish Council is planning to submit a speeding concerns form to North Yorkshire Police following communications form parishioners. If you wish to contribute, please contact the Clerk with the following information: 

1. Are there any days that you feel are worse?
2. Times of day?
3. What types of vehicles cause most speeding concerns?
4. Are these vehicles driven by local residents/ general traffic/ employees of local businesses/ visitors?
5. are you willing to participate in any Community Action initiatives regarding the issues raised?


Contact us
Chairman - Tom Watson

01423 780840

Clerk - Tracey Dawson 

07464 336124​

The Laurels, Street Lane, Bewerley HG3 5HW


Are you interested in volunteering?

Hartwith cum Winsley Parish Council is seeking to appoint two trustees to the board of the Dacre and Hartwith Playing Fields Association.

The Association has responsibility for the management of the Max Pullen Playing Fields in Dacre.

If you are interested, please contact

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